At ShriAshutosh, we believe in giving back to the community - much more than what we get. Hence, we decided to adopt not one but three causes that resonate with our values and are crucial for the upliftment of the base of the societal pyramid, as well as the development of an ideal society.

Rural Schools

We, at ShriAshutosh, believe that education should be the utmost priority for a steady progress of the society. Hence, our dedicated team assists rural schools to function smoothly by providing bus and sanitation facilities. We also undertake repair and construction of school buildings and classrooms so that learning never stops.

Cow Shelters

The true growth of an economy lies behind the upliftment of those who provide it with basics like food. Our respect for our farmers is clearly reflected by the fact that we, along with our dedicated team, ensure that the farmers are, in return, provided by the basics they need for a worry-free farming experience. We, thus, provide dairy and food farmers with shelters for their cows and cattle so they don’t worry about their herd straying away and focus on their one true passion - farming.

Helping girls for marriage

Girls are a boon to every family they are born into and every family they are eventually married into. As soon as a girl turns 18 and her family starts looking for a suitable groom for her, but can’t see her marriage through due to financial difficulties, we ensure we are by their side during the most important day of their lives, by assisting the families in need for their beloved child’s marriage.